Getting Started

Getting Started

Strawberries, potatoes, zinnias, bush beans, pole beans, and cucumbers are everything I planted today. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow your own food? To literally live off of everything that you’ve made. Well, I’ve wondered this for a long time. People have done this for generations.  We've lost so much knowledge of how things were done with our reliance on the grocery store. 

A victory garden

This winter I started taking steps to grow everything that my family eats. There are six of us. I’ve got three preteens and a five-year-old. We love good food.


This is us. + my parents.

A few years back, I was a part of a gourmet club and that was so much fun. We would rotate houses/hosting and pick a new country to get our theme from.  The food was amazing!  But now times have changed.  The grocery store is getting more and more expensive every day. There’s a limit on what we can buy. I just got back from buying some cream for our coffee and witnessed a mother trying to buy two jars of formula but could not because there was a limit.  I personally don't think these restrictions and limits will be going away. 

To solve many of these issues, I decided to grow our own food.  It will provide organic, farm fresh food to be available at my fingertips I don’t have a lot of land. I just have one acre in a small town. But I’m going to use every single bit of that acre.

Here is a small view of our space.

I recently purchased bare root fruit trees, berry bushes, grape vines and tropical trees. I have the vegetables pumping out. I’m not a pro but I’ve been gardening for a few years. I’m probably going to fail and there will be a learning curve but I’m just excited to start this venture. I haven’t exactly given myself a day that I will stop going to the grocery store, but I know it will be in the spring/summer. I bought a few books to help me with the calculations of how much food we should have. And if they’re good I will gladly recommend them and future posts. Armed with a little bit of knowledge and a lot of excitement, I hope you’ll join me on this adventure!

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