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Fabric Garden Raised Bed Planting Container Grow Planter Pot

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1) REUSABLE AND DURABLE -- Quickeasy to setup, relocate, wash and store for future use. Reusable containers durable enough for many seasons use.

2) BREATHABLE -- Made of non-woven fabric, a highly durable, non-woven fabric that provides exceptional air flow throughout the soil and root systems and allows excess water to easily drain away.

3) EASY TO USE -- Unfold, fill and grow; Ideal for an herb garden, small flower garden or vegetables.

4) EASY TO STORAGE -- No need to have empty garden pots and containers cluttering up your yard in winter. When the growing season is over, simply empty the earth out of the fabric bag and pack it away.

5) WIDELY USED -- Instant fabric soft raised garden bed for plants, flowers and fresh herbs, vegetables,fruit. Both for indoor or outdoor decoration.

Ready to go out of the box; No assembly required.