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Olla Pepin Indoor Plant Watering Carafe - Small

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We're so excited to offer these handcrafted Ollas Pepin (or Oyas)! This one is "pepin" meaning small, and it's perfect for small potted plants. Simply bury your olla in the soil, fill it with water, and watch your plants thrive!

 What's an olla (oya)?....

- It's a traditional, natural way to save water, save time and grow healthy plants, made of porous terracotta pot that you bury in your planter and fill with water. Once filled, the water inside will slowly seep into the soil and water your plants right at the roots! Over time the roots attach themselves to the outside of the Olla and draw water out as they need it. Your plant will take just what it needs—no more, no less. Easy!