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Bypass Pruner Elite - High Carbon Steel Blades

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EASY EFFICIENT CUTTING: Ideal for pruning and trimming flowers, stems, and light branches up to 5/8 in. thick. High Carbon Steel Blade with nonstick protective coating maximizes cutting effectiveness to cut cleanly every time without crushing plant material. Great gardening shears that you’ll be proud to own or gift!


HIGH CARBON STEEL BLADES: Will last longer and is less likely to fracture, nick, or need frequent sharpening like other trimming scissors. Heat treated to stay sharp cut after cut. Non stick to prevent sap gumming.


GREAT FOR SENIOR GARDENERS: Ergonomically designed with comfortable, durable grippy handles, these shears are easy to use for long periods of time without hand or wrist strain.


EASY SAFETY LOCK: Simply secure blades in closed position when not in use for simple safe storage.