Shipping policy


  • We've removed UPS as a shipping option for Canadian customers, here's why:
    • The shipping rate you pay on our site was a bit lower with UPS....BUT, if didn't call UPS to preclear your package before it arrived in Canadian custom....UPS charges an exorbitant brokerage fee.
    • We made a point to provide all Canadian customers with detailed instructions on how to pre-clear packages with UPS, but it was a lot of extra work for us and a lot of extra work for our Canadian customers.
    • For the customer who did not pre-clear their package, the high brokerage fee came as a nasty surprise and we received many (completely justifiable) complaints.
  • United States Postal Service (USPS) is now the only shipping option for Canadian customers
    • Yes, the USPS shipping rate you pay at the time of purchase is a bit higher than it would be with UPS
    • BUT....USPS does NOT charge brokerage fees to get your package cleared through customs
    • Your total cost ends up being considerably less with USPS
    • Clearing your USPS package is simpler and requires less work on your part
    • after you've paid for shipping via our site, you'll only pay GST/HST and PST (based on the value of goods you purchased) to clear your package through customs


  • How soon will my order ship?
    • If the item you order is in stock, you can expect your order to ship the 1-2 business days after you place the order.
  • What if an item(s) arrives damaged?
    • If an item(s) you receive is damaged during shipping, we'll happily either refund what you paid for the damaged item(s) or replace your damaged item(s) and cover the shipping cost to get it to you. Simply contact us at info@allaboutthegarden, provide a picture of the damaged item(s), and we'll get you taken care of.