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28H - 28-Cell DEEP Seed Propagation Tray

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This long-life seed propagation module tray has 28 cells and large holes for drainage and easy seedling removal. It's made of 100% recycled and recyclable material and stacks when not in use. It's super sturdy and designed to be reused for 15+ years.

This trays is perfect for vegetable or flowers that need more space and need to spend more time in the tray before being planted outside. It's also great for potting up seedling from our CD60, CD30, CD15, or 40-cell module trays. The cells on this tray are even large enough to start young trees like oaks, walnuts, chestnuts. 

With a super deep 4.7" cell it's perfect for plants that need extra space for deep roots.

This module tray can get a bit heavy once filled with soil so it comes with a lip on each end for better grip.

PLEASE NOTE: this item has the same footprint as the CD60, and 40 Cell, but has fewer cells (28) so the individual cells are much larger. This item is NOT compatible with our propagation domes. This item, like all our items, is BPA free.


Tray Size (in.)                                         15 x 8.5 x 4.7

Tray Weight (oz.)                                    25  

Cell Size (in.)                                           1.92 x 1.92 x 4.7

Cell Volume (                                 12.8

Drainage Hole Diameter (in.)                 0.9

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Love these

Tina Lea
Wonderful heavy duty trays

Never had such nice trays, I'll be purchasing more