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Plantsurge Growth Booster

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Up your gardening game with Plantsurge. Powered by magnets, proven by science and endorsed by growers worldwide, Plantsurge creates structured and magnetized water directly from your garden hose!

Plantsurge clamps over your existing garden hose (with no tools required) to simply and easily magnetize your garden water in seconds. High or low water pressure is not a factor, as long as water is flowing through your hose, Plantsurge will magnetize it. 

Many plants benefit from magnetized water compared to plain old tap water. With Plantsurge, you can expect stronger, healthier plants, more abundant flowers and bigger yields. How much more abundant?

Well...80% more blooms on average, and up to 400% more blooms in some cases! Here's a summary of Plantsurge's performance in product trials:

In November 2019, the Plantsurge magnetic water system was tested against tap water on 25 different varieties of indoor and outdoor plants. Horticulturist Chris Wiley from Suffolk company Sow Successful Ltd discovered some remarkable findings after nearly six months of testing. The most significant benefit was that when compared to tap water, Plantsurge watered plants produced an average of 80% more flowers, and viola and pansies showed a massive 400% increase. 

Download the full report here:

Plantsurge is made with recycled marine plastic that won't corrode or crack and is specifically designed for long-life and durability in the garden. It's a hassle-free way to add electroculture practices to your gardening tool kit. 

Water with Plantsurge. See results.