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Bottom Watering Trays

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This bottom watering tray is the perfect way to water your seeds and seedlings. It's sturdy, durable, and designed for long term use. 

Bottom watering allows water to gently wick up into the soil rather than dousing your seeds from the top. If you water from the bottom you'll encourage more robust root development while helping prevent mold and fungus growth. With bottom watering there's also no chance of washing away small seeds or damaging tender stems.

This bottom watering tray is designed to perfectly fit our CD60 and 40L module trays.

You can also use this watering tray as a drip tray under your module trays to prevent water damage to window sills and counters.

This item, like all our items, is BPA free.

****Module trays pictured for reference. Module trays NOT included!! 

Tray size (in.) outside: 15"x 9.5"x 1.75"

Tray size (in.) inside: 14" x 8.5" x 1.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Well made but Not really worth the $. The CD modules are 100% the best I have ever used, but they don’t sit very well in these trays and the whole point of the modules with large holes is to allow for drainage. Sitting them in water defeats the purpose. Great seller and great customer service but this item just wasn’t worth me buying


We really thought it was user error with these bottom watering trays. They crack pretty easily when bumped and picked up!!!


Heavy duty plastic tray, perfect for bottom watering seedlings. Love how easy it makes watering without the danger of wet foliage fungus.

Sharon Graham
Hasn’t arrived yet

I wish I could review this item, but it’s still in Texas 19 days after being shipped.


You placed the order on Jan. 7th. I placed the package in the mail Jan. 8th. The problem is with USPS. I cannot control how fast the mail goes. I know there was a problem in one of their facilities and things are moving now. If you would have emailed me, I could have given you more information on this. So sorry that the mail was moving so slow. Wish I could control that aspect of your experience.-Jenn


Have not received my shipment

Hello Deana,
I'm sorry it took longer than usual to get your package delivered, 11 days does feel like an eternity when you need to get your seeds started! I know how important it is to get an early start.

Unfortunately, The USPS had a major issue at their Missouri City TX processing facility and thousands of packages were delayed there. We wish we could affect that part of the process, but once the package leaves our facility it's out of our our control. I'm glad to see you got your dibber and trays and I hope you are enjoying them.

Happy Gardening!
Owner @ All About The Garden